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Help for the BarCodeGen application

How do I quit the keyboard?
Simply by finishing typing, or ceasing typing for a few seconds.
Why does it show the barcode in red?
Each barcode has its own built-in checksum. Not all numbers are therefore valid ISBNs. To give you visual feedback, the barcode will change colour to red whilst the barcode is invalid. This may occur transiently as you type in the 13-digit barcode; the chances are very likely that some or most of the prefixes you fill in will cause the barcode to show as red. If after typing 13 digits, the barcode is still red, then verify with your ISBN agency that the number is valid.
How do I get the generated image?
You can save it (in which case it goes into your photo library) or you can e-mail it to yourself (or others). After you have finished typing the number in, pause to let the keyboard auto-dismiss, and then press 'save' or 'email' as appropraite.
What if my question isn't answered here?
Reach out to us using the contact link above.